Ice Sculpture Tools and Publications
aHere are some good sources to get tools, accessories, publications and much more!
Ice Crafters: (Tools, Books, Display equipment) NICA Certified***
Clinebell Equipment Home Page
Elegant Ice Creations:( supplies, equipment, and instruction)
IceCulture Inc.: (equipment and specialty ice products)
J. B. Prince Co.: (Complete Culinary Arts supplier)
Vestil Mfg Co Ice Sculpture Lifts, Hand Crank & Hydraulic)
Pro Chef International: Tools, Books:  (858) 484-6423
J.D. Technical Design: (Ice Sculpture Display Equipment)
Ice Carving and Garnish Books
Chef Harvey's Garnish Books & Tools
Atlantic Publishing & Supply Co.
Gourmet Display: (Ice Sculpture Trays & Props)
Glo Ice Molds
Icecraft International: (Reusable Ice Molds) 
JMK Displays:..Custom Acrylic Fabrication
Baumer Industries:  Custom Aluminum Ice Sculpture Trays
(212)414-1550......Fax (212)627-3570
Heavy Grit Abrasive Disks
I Sculpt Custom CNC Ice Sculpturing System
Hubert Co. (Ice Sculpture Trays)
Hubert Co. (Ice Molds)
E-bay....(Ice Molds)
KBC Tools, Custom Endmills
LED Tube Lighting
NuCut Endmills & Sharpening
Refrigiwear Custom Ice Carving Apparel
Pumps Parts & Lighting
Ice Gallery, Ice Making Equipment & Molds
Ice Age, Lighted Ice Trays & Boxes
Junichi saw

Brice & Brice Ice Sculpture Tools

Woodcarvers Suppliers, Custom Carving Equipment

Crystal Creations   Anaheim, Ca. USA