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Questions & Answers FAQ

1.---What type of items can you sculpt? At Crystal Creations, the sky is the limit! We can sculpt practically any item you can imagine. You can either choose from our portfolio of hundreds of sculptures or give us your custom idea to construct.

 2.   What sizes are your sculptures?
All of our sculptures are carved from a pre-frozen crystal clear 300 pound block measuring 40 inches tall, 20 inches wide, and 10 inches thick.  Most designs are done in this size.  Custom designs can either be enlarged by adding ice or downsized by cutting  the original block down. We are now introducing "Mini Sculptures measuring 10" X 13" X 5" perfect for Table Centerpieces.

3.   What does an average sculpture cost?
Our Sculptures start at  $400.00 for a design such as the flower vase (minus flowers) and $450.00 for a design such as the lovebirds atop the heart with names.  Prices will vary on custom designs.  We strive to keep our prices as competitive as possible.

4.   Are your ice sculptures made from molds?
All of our Ice Sculptures are hand carved from solid blocks of ice. No molds are ever used in the creation of Crystal Creations' Sculptures. Each sculpture is individual and unique.

5.---How long will an Ice Sculpture Last?
It normally depends on the size of the ice sculpture and the temperature of the room it is in; an average 200 pound sculpture will lose it's detail over a period of 8 hours while facial detail and intricate work will melt away in 2 to 4 hours. Our lettering and custom logo engraving will last up to 7 hours. Sculptures outdoors will melt more rapidly, usually in a little less than half of the indoor time.

6.---What is included in the cost of an ice sculpture?
Personal attention from our artist, James Ottens*** A unique Crystal Ice Sculpture of your choice***Complete set up and delivery*** An Illuminated Sculpture receptacle which illuminates the entire sculpture*** A color filter if desired***

7.---How far in advance should I order my ice sculpture?
1 month prior to your special event is preferred but you can order your ice sculpture anytime!

8.---Where do you deliver?
We deliver to all portions of Southern California. Special orders can be delivered or constructed on site to other states or countries under special arrangements.

9.---What kind of Discounts do you have?
We give a Discount on Multiple Block orders, A 15% Discount is available for Drop off orders Delivered directly to your freezer. A 20% Discount is available for all Pick Up Orders Picked up from our freezer. A 20% Discount is available for companies ordering on a monthly basis.

10.---What are your Deposit Requirements?
50% of the total price is required upon confirmation of your order or 1 month prior to your special event.  The balance can be paid anytime up to a week before the event.  We accept Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Paypal, Check or  Cash.



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