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***To reserve your Sculpture for your special event, 50% of the total price is required upon confirmation
 of your order or 1 month prior to your special event.  The balance can be paid anytime up to a week before the event.
We accept Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Paypal, Check or  Cash.

***All selections are subject to California sales tax unless a seller's number is provided for resale. 

***All selections include an Illuminated Sculpture receptacle , Color Filter, (if needed), and Complete Set-up  at no additional cost,
(Except To Go Orders)

***Additional items including Rotating Stands, or LED stands are available at a reasonable cost.

***A 20% Discount is available for Drop off orders Delivered directly to your freezer.

***A 30% Discount is available for all Pick Up Orders Picked up from our freezer.

***A 30% Discount is available for companies ordering on a monthly basis.


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